Is War still Hell?

Now I ain’t no war monger or anything, not even a close associate.  Fact is, I don’t know Jack about real combat.  However,I must admit that I am bewildered at the notion that the US (the baddest military on the face of the earth) is fighting wars for decades and not really winning. Our enemies are a rag-tag group with weapons far less inferior to our weapons of warfare.  Maybe war is not hell anymore. Could it be like purgatory, similar to war games.  Purgatory, according to some, (not me) is a second chance after you die.  You’re afforded another opportunity to clean up your act after living evil all your life.  In other words, you don’t go straight to hell.   It seems to me that we are allowing our adversaries purgatory.

Pretend that I  am responsible for the rules of engagement.  There would be none.  After all, I even know that all is fair in love and war.   First of all I would shoot to kill Political Correctness.  The unmanned drones would possibly be more effective.  No blood and no tears.  Secondly, I would not negotiate with the enemy, I would kill them first.  They would not be able to give any commands as to when we leave the battlefield.  Our foes would not receive billions of American taxpayers money  long after we’re gone.

Jesus Christ ( He’s the Son of God and he has wisdom past finding out) gave a short exposition in executing a war. The short parable is found in the Bible in the gospel of St. Luke.14:30-31,  He shares the story of two kings going to war. The one king sits down and contemplates whether it is wise to engage in battle with the King that has twice as many fighting men as he does.  The king perceives that he cannot win so he sends ambassadors to broker a deal for peace.  The point is well taken, the mightier army is always in control.  They call the shots. (pun intended)  That’s why I am puzzled with our wars raging on.  We’re still the greatest.  Is War still hell or purgatory?


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