Father, Father, There’s Just Too Many Of You Truant

Source: Father, Father, There’s Just Too Many Of You Truant


The NAACP-just what are they advancing?

Say it’s not so Joe. According to Atlanta’s Black Star News, despite major push back from pro-charter advocates and Black educators , the National Association for the advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Board moved to uphold a controversial resolution calling for a moratorium on charter schools. Notwithstanding the thriving community of charter schools that has reshaped education by providing a diverse array of educational programs. That the beneficiaries of this rich choice are in part, children of color. Where is the advancement on this one Joe?

Black families approximately (700,000) have chosen to send their children to charter schools.  Hundred of thousands more are waiting in line. One can only wonder if the Old organization is out of touch with families who would be denied educational opportunities for their children.

We do know that teacher’s union have always fought a fierce battle against charter schools and have always supported the NAACP financially. What did you say Joe? You believe financial support from the unions have funded this moratorium.  Me think so too, Joe.












Worse Than Tragedy

The term tragedy is used more than ever before.  Tragedies are happening in every place.  Some involving a few and in other places many are involved.  They are mysterious. A tragedy can happen and persons involved may not have contributed in any way to its destructive consequences.  They have no respect of persons.  The young, the beautiful, the intelligent, the intelligent challenged, the old, the rich, the poor, even the innocent do not escape tragedy’s overpowering force.

There are as many questions asked concerning tragedies as there are tragedies.  The most common one -why? Why did this have to happen? Why were so many innocent lives taken?  Why properties destroyed? Why the financial ruin?  Why my loved one and not your loved one? Why didn’t they just go home?.  Why did they leave home? Why? Whether in nature, in bizarre circumstances, people, person or a thing , no one has an explanation as to why?  Quizzing everyone from the psychologist to the wisest counselor will ultimately lead to more questions and guaranteed hypothesis.

While Jesus Christ was still on this earth, all we need to know about tragedies were answered by Him. The entire discourse is found in the Gospel of St Luke 13:1-5.  It’s all in Red in many bibles indicating the words are from the mouth of Christ and from his infinite wisdom and knowledge that surpasses our understanding. There were those that witnessed one tragedy after another. The first being innocent Galileans, who were of all things, involved in a religious service. ( Jesus was also a Galilean)  They were slaughtered by Roman soldiers. The worshipers were in the midst of blood sacrifices in which the soldiers mixed their blood with the animal sacrifices. A bloody mess you see.  Then the unnamed witnesses related to Jesus of  another catastrophe. These were killed when the tower in Siloam fell and slew 18 people.  I don’t think terrorism was cited as the reason for the tragedy that day.  Jesus gave a shocking response as he listened to the misfortune inflicted on unsuspecting souls in one day.  Especially those that die in tragedies.  He didn’t offer condolences, no words of comfort.  The compassionate Savior realized that while the Why of it all was still on the lips of those who were spectators of the sad events or recipients of the news, the truth was what they needed to hear.  His reply was  except you repent, you shall all likewise perish.

As it was in the days of Jesus,  so it is now.  More tragedies and more news of death and destruction.  There are those that survive calamities.  Whether you are a survivor or a thousand miles away from a bad scene, it will be worse than a tragedy if you leave this earth and have not repented of your sins.  If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of your life.  Before it’s too late, tragedy or not, it will be tragic for anyone to spend eternity in a place of torment, forever separated from a loving God.  You say you don’t believe Hell is real, that doesn’t make it unreal or any less terrifying.  Jesus knows every episode of tragedy, it’s a fallen world, everything goes.  He’s even there to help us get through difficult times of suffering and pain and promises help in the time of our need. Heb 4:16  It’s awfully kind and merciful of our God to advise us of safety in or out of a tragedy.  A person that has repented of his sins is one that is safeguarded against any tragedy.

Streets of gold- What God has to say about the rich

Streets of Gold – heaven

We get a rare glimpse of heaven through the lens of the enlightened John the revelator and the penman of the book of Revelation.  This is the last book of the New Testament and most people are afraid to read it.  I mention the book because John reveals that the street of the city is pure gold. This is the place where God abides.  Wanted to give you a clue as to the richness of God.  Now that’s heaven.  With divine ownership, He declares that the gold is mine, and the silver is mine.  He makes the rich and the poor.1Sam:2:7  Riches are not guaranteed for a lifetime.  God giveth and God can and will take away.,

Surprise, surprise, God does not hate the rich.  He set the precedent that you don’t overtax the rich just because they’re rich.  In his divine order, He emphasized that the rich was not to give more and the poor shall not give less.  It was an offering to the lord and everyone paid the same.  Ex. 30:15  God provides some confidential information regarding the rich that they may not be privy to.  The rich man’s wealth is his strong city. Prov. 10:15  It’s not just Wall street, he rules the city.  Do not believe the fallacies that the rich is hated.  God maintains that he has many friends.  He also offer insight unto  a group that will never become rich.  Lovers of pleasure and he that love to tarry long at the bottle.  According to Ecclesiastes, (the Bible) curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice. and that which hath wings shall tell the matter. Ecclesiastes: 10:20  Thus, we get the true adage “a little birdie told me”.

There are more warnings in the Bible against the rich than probably any other book.  Their proclivity for conceit is widely known & accepted (not by God).  The rich man becomes your master when you borrow from him.  Abundance of the rich causes sleeplessness.  A rich fool is just that – foolish.  There are a few “woes” leveled at the rich from the Lord, the most tragic one being difficult for the rich to enter heaven.  Easier for a camel to go through the eye of  needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Matthew:19:23&24.  That’s an impossible feat.  But with God all things are possible.  To be rich is not forbidden, to trust in your riches and not God is the peril of prosperity.

Is War still Hell?

Now I ain’t no war monger or anything, not even a close associate.  Fact is, I don’t know Jack about real combat.  However,I must admit that I am bewildered at the notion that the US (the baddest military on the face of the earth) is fighting wars for decades and not really winning. Our enemies are a rag-tag group with weapons far less inferior to our weapons of warfare.  Maybe war is not hell anymore. Could it be like purgatory, similar to war games.  Purgatory, according to some, (not me) is a second chance after you die.  You’re afforded another opportunity to clean up your act after living evil all your life.  In other words, you don’t go straight to hell.   It seems to me that we are allowing our adversaries purgatory.

Pretend that I  am responsible for the rules of engagement.  There would be none.  After all, I even know that all is fair in love and war.   First of all I would shoot to kill Political Correctness.  The unmanned drones would possibly be more effective.  No blood and no tears.  Secondly, I would not negotiate with the enemy, I would kill them first.  They would not be able to give any commands as to when we leave the battlefield.  Our foes would not receive billions of American taxpayers money  long after we’re gone.

Jesus Christ ( He’s the Son of God and he has wisdom past finding out) gave a short exposition in executing a war. The short parable is found in the Bible in the gospel of St. Luke.14:30-31,  He shares the story of two kings going to war. The one king sits down and contemplates whether it is wise to engage in battle with the King that has twice as many fighting men as he does.  The king perceives that he cannot win so he sends ambassadors to broker a deal for peace.  The point is well taken, the mightier army is always in control.  They call the shots. (pun intended)  That’s why I am puzzled with our wars raging on.  We’re still the greatest.  Is War still hell or purgatory?