Who authored marriage anyway?

Things to Ponder

You can search prehistoric history, or maybe not, and you can research link after link of Wikipedia and your investigation will draw a  404 error every time on this question.  There isn’t a scientist, a teacher, a holy man, nor a philanthropist that was so brilliant as to introduce the institution of marriage.  Furthermore, to distinctly characterize it as a union between a man and a woman is quite frankly omniscient.. If mankind had absolutely nothing to contribute to this affair, why are they attempting to rearrange its meaning?  This generation is insisting marriage between two men or two women is matrimony.  Not realizing that if it was not so from the beginning, they wouldn’t be here to argue, fuss, and fight over this issue.  Humans as we know them, would be extinct before you could say same sex marriage.

Historically speaking, the only record we have on marriage between a man and a woman is found in the Book of Genesis.  This is the Holy Bible. God inspired men to write but under the auspices of His Holy Spirit.  Now many may not believe the Bible is the infallible word of God, but it does not change the fact that it is the only place you will find the one and only account of  the first man and the first lady  that God created.. The first husband and wife .  She was everything that Adam needed. Instructions were given by God to future  grooms to leave mother and father and cleave to his wife. Genesis 2:24.  It would be worth reading the first two chapters of the First Book of the Bible.  The text continues and it substantiate the first claim to” no shame in their game” even though they were completely naked. They were surely in the will of God and it was all good.

Still not convinced.  You may have to really read the first chapter of Genesis.  It gives the account of an Almighty God that made heaven & earth.  He made the moon, sun, rivers, animals, the sea, the birds and everything that was made was made by Him.  He spoke things into existence.  By the way, there is no recorded history of anyone naming the beast of the fields, the fowls of the air, and all living creatures.  Keep on reading and you will discover that God’s man Adam was given this remarkable opportunity.

For I am the Lord, I change not.  Malachi 3:6 (This is the last book of the Old Testament) God has not changed his mind about marriage.  It was his idea.  Although He is rich in mercy, one writer in the New Testament testified that it is a fearful thing to fall in the hands of an angry God.  Hebrews 10::31.  The God of the Universe in his infinite wisdom thought it was good for a man and a woman to marry.  It is too bad that the bible predicted that some would become vain in their imaginations and their foolish hearts would be darkened. They would profess themselves wise, they became fools. These changed the truth of God into a lie. Romans 1:21-25 Redefining marriage is that lie.


Brand new – Greetings

Hello brand new friends and hopefully no enemies.  Well, we can all be friendly.  So how are things going for you?  It’s not officially summer time, but I’m wishing the livin is easy for everyone.  I realize that the fish may be jumpin for some, for others, fish my be jumping, but your catch got away.  The cotton is high, (you got that right) so is octane, taxes,supper time, and high time we get some relief.  It is of my own opinion that if we go back and do what we were taught to do from the beginning, hard work, pulling your own weight, not so selfish, lending a helping hand when you can. Stop hating the rich, they may not hire you for the job you are seeking.  And don’t be angry with me if i believe that this country is still exceptional –  and that we have been known to share our greatness with the entire world.  We’ve been so great that when and if we need help there is no one greater to help us but God Almighty.  God Bless you fellow Americans.