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The NAACP-just what are they advancing?

Say it’s not so Joe. According to Atlanta’s Black Star News, despite major push back from pro-charter advocates and Black educators , the National Association for the advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Board moved to uphold a controversial resolution calling for a moratorium on charter schools. Notwithstanding the thriving community of charter schools that has reshaped education by providing a diverse array of educational programs. That the beneficiaries of this rich choice are in part, children of color. Where is the advancement on this one Joe?

Black families approximately (700,000) have chosen to send their children to charter schools.  Hundred of thousands more are waiting in line. One can only wonder if the Old organization is out of touch with families who would be denied educational opportunities for their children.

We do know that teacher’s union have always fought a fierce battle against charter schools and have always supported the NAACP financially. What did you say Joe? You believe financial support from the unions have funded this moratorium.  Me think so too, Joe.













Brand new – Greetings

Hello brand new friends and hopefully no enemies.  Well, we can all be friendly.  So how are things going for you?  It’s not officially summer time, but I’m wishing the livin is easy for everyone.  I realize that the fish may be jumpin for some, for others, fish my be jumping, but your catch got away.  The cotton is high, (you got that right) so is octane, taxes,supper time, and high time we get some relief.  It is of my own opinion that if we go back and do what we were taught to do from the beginning, hard work, pulling your own weight, not so selfish, lending a helping hand when you can. Stop hating the rich, they may not hire you for the job you are seeking.  And don’t be angry with me if i believe that this country is still exceptional –  and that we have been known to share our greatness with the entire world.  We’ve been so great that when and if we need help there is no one greater to help us but God Almighty.  God Bless you fellow Americans.